'Texts from the universe'
Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun, Leeds
May 2017

‘Let us recall that time, as Einstein and other physicists have explained, is not linear but circular. Our lives are not points on a line – a line which is today being amputated by the Instant Greed of the unprecedented global capitalist order. We are not points on a line; rather, we are the centre of circles.
The circles surround us with testaments addressed to us by our predecessors since the Stone Age, and by texts which are not addressed to us but which can be witnessed by us. Texts from nature, from the universe, and they remind us that symmetry co-exists with chaos, that ingenuities outflank fatalities, that what is desired is more reassuring than what is promised.
Then, sustained by what we have inherited from the past and what we witness, we will have the courage to resist and continue resisting in as yet unimaginable circumstances. We will learn how to wait in solidarity.’
from 'Confabulations' - John Berger
'Lie in the soft stone'
Beanbag. Cotton, Steel chain, Polystyrene filling
'Totem' Concrete, pigment, found beach fossil
'Texts from the universe' Photocopied Zine, 20 pages
Images courtesy of STCFTHOTS

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