'Texts from the universe' 

Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun, Leeds 
May 2017 

Images courtesy of STCFTHOTS

‘Let’s recall that time, as Einstein and other physicists have explained, is not linear but circular. Our lives are not points on a line…We are not points on a line; rather, we are the centres of circles.

The circles surround us with testaments addressed to us by our predecessors since the Stone Age, and by texts which are not addressed to us. Texts from nature, from the universe, and they remind us that symmetry co-exist with chaos…sustained by what we have inherited from the past and what we will have the courage to resist and continue resisting on as yet unimaginable circumstances.’

from 'Confabulations' - John Berger


Beanbag - Cotton, Steel chain, Polystyrenefilling

Totem - White & grey concrete, black pigment, found beach object

Slide film photograph, digitally printed

iPhone5s photograph, B&W digitally printed

B &W Zine 

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